Coffee pods sitting in backyard compost

It's about making good decisions

Australians consume over 3 million coffee pods daily, with only 15% estimated as being recycled. That’s a whopping 9 million aluminium and plastic pods (enough to fill over 25 Olympic size swimming pools) in landfill every year in Australia alone taking up to 500 years to break down.

Our pods don't require industrial composting that most pods advertised as compostable must use. Ours break down in any normal compost in just 90 days.

Good Good Coffee is on a mission to change that by providing you with a sustainable option - delicious specialty coffees in the convenience of our 100% home compostable Nespresso® compatible pods.

Responsible & Ethical Sourcing

Our coffee is sourced traceably, where a fair liveable wage is paid to the producers of the coffee.

We work only with Certified B Corporations who have long term relationships with producers.

These relationships not only benefit the producer by allowing them to have predictable income but also ensures the quality of the coffee.